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Roller Blinds are definitely the answer if you are looking for either a very subtle option or a very bold choice. Coming in almost any colour or pattern imaginable, you can choose a neutral shade to blend with your wall colourings or a statement design or colour to create a feature. Easy to use with a pulley at one end, these are suitable for every space.

Alternatively, they are the solution if you want something that is primarily functional. Available as blackouts, translucent, double-layed blinds or sunscreens, they are an excellent office or workspace result.

Come check out our fantastic range of Roller Blinds, well made and stylish, we’re sure you will find something that suits your taste.

As far back as the Ancient Egyptian dynasty, people all over the world have been creating window coverings to stop the outside looking in, and to keep their dwellings cool from the beating sun or warmer from the extreme cold. It is no surprise therefore that in this day and age, we have a number of different options to choose from which originate from all over the sphere.

Leaving curtains and shutters aside, the culmination of all the inventions which are now used in the form of blinds are easy to categorise into the following areas:

  • Horizontal Slatted Blinds
  • Vertical Slatted Blinds
  • Roller Blinds

Horizontal blinds are usually made of slats of metal, vinyl and in the case of Venetian blinds, wood. They are linked together with strings that allow them to be rotated together or apart, allowing light out or in. Vertical slatted blinds are made of plastic, metal or rigid fabric and they run along a track at the top of the fitment. These also rotate to allow light to pass through or be folded to one side of the frame. Roller blinds are made of a continuous piece of hardened fabric and fall from the top of the window frame to the bottom on a simple pulley system.